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Eye Piece: Rugby

News 8 Eye Piece Stories

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Amazing Maize

    News 8 Eye Piece: Amazing Maize


    Fall in Wisconsin is rich with tradition.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Old Man River

    News 8 Eye Piece: Old Man River


    The Mississippi River pulls in visitors from around the area and around the globe.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Apple Pies

    Apple Pie Making


    Applefest is in full swing in La Crescent and one of the favorite parts for many is the volunteers baking hundreds of pies.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Fall is Coming

    Fall is coming


    Some of the most beautiful photography comes during a period called the golden hour.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Once in Love with Annie

    30th year of Apple Annies


    For 30 years the Apple Annies have been entertaining crowds in La Crescent with their music, but it's tough to become a member of the exclusive group.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Gear Up

    BMX at Toad's Cove


    In Friday’s News 8 Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt takes you to Toad's Cove Arena BMX.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Nutty Squirrels



    Those nutty animals are the focus of Friday’s News 8 Eye Piece from chief photographer Chuck Oedsma.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Fire in the Valley

    Roku kiln


    News 8 photographer John Schmidt takes us to Coon Valley where News 8's own Master Control Operator Jeff Guin shows us the art of firing pottery in a Raku kiln.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Pipes and Drums

    La Crosse and District Pipes and Drums


    In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8’s Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma met up with the La Crosse & District Pipe & Drums to learn more about playing bagpipes.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Cooling Off

    Kayaker paddles on Lake Wazee


    On these hot summer days, there's nothing better than taking a dip in the water to cool off.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Dairy Show

    Dairy show


    In this week’s Eye Piece, Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma shows us what it’s like to show calves at the fair.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Building a Ride

    building a bike


    In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt shows us how Wyatt’s Bicycle Company puts together one of its bikes.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Taking on the Big Lawn

    Mowing Forest Hills Golf Course


    News 8 Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma found out how the Forest Hills Gold Course in La Crosse keeps its greens properly maintained.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Calm After the Storm

    Riverside International Friendship Gardens


    During this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt visits the peaceful Riverside International Friendship Gardens in La Crosse, which was able to…

  • News 8 Eye Piece: The Play is the Thing

    Great River Shakespeare Festival


    The Great River Shakespeare Festival runs from June 25 to August 3 in Winona.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Ride



    In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt takes us to the Onalaska Skate Park.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Pitchin' Shoes

    horse shoes


    There's a game played in our area dating back to ancient times. Roman Soldiers started pitching horse shoes as something to do in between battles.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Bees

    Honeybee on flower


    Honeybees are out pollenating the flowers. And some places have to bring them in to get the job done.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: B-25 Miss Mitchell

    B-25 Miss Mitchell


    News 8 went along for a ride on a B-25 Miss Mitchell, a WWII bomber aircraf, and learned 

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Uncommon Valor

    US Marine Corps War Memorial


    In this week’s Eye Piece, News 8's John Schmidt takes you to Washington, D.C. as veterans from our area visit the war memorials.

News 8 Photographers

Chuck Oedsma


Chuck Oedsma

Chuck Oedsma is the Chief Photographer at WKBT-TV.

John Schmidt


John Schmidt

John Schmidt is a Photographer at WKBT-TV.