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Eye Piece: Monumental Task

News 8 Eye Piece Stories

  • Eye Piece: Monumental Task

     With Memorial Day weekend upon us, many in our community may be visiting memorial markers of loved ones.

  • Eye Piece: Trash Picking

    Tonight's Eyepiece News 8 followed S&S cycle doing some off road work.

  • Eye Piece: Rudy's roller skating car hops

    Rudy's Drive In is a staple in La Crosse, but it hasn't always had the charm of the roller skating car hops.

  • Eye Piece: Not Grilled

    May is national barbecue month and with warmer temperatures in the forecast, many area residents will be cooking in their backyards.

  • Eye Piece: The Grind

    image; eye piece 'the grind'

    Arbor Day is celebrated as a day to plant trees, but as Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma finds, there is much more to taking care of the cities trees than just…

  • Eye Piece: Fire on the Prairie

    In today's Eye Piece, Photographer John Schmidt takes us to Brice Prairie, where the department of Fish and Wildlife showed their love of nature in a different…

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Floorball

    image; floorball

    Tomah will play host to the largest floorball tournament in the U.S. ever.

  • Eye Piece: Beyond the Egg



    In this week's Eye Piece, News 8 Photographer John Schmidt focuses on something else chicken's can do, that many people might not be aware of.

  • Eye Piece: A Pennant to Chase

    In just over a week major league baseball teams will begin their chase for the pennant. In this week's eyepiece, photographer Greg White shows for teams to…

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Spring tours for future students

    UWL Vanguard Tour


    With spring finally here, people can expect to see more high school students visiting, colleges trying to decide which one is for them. Chief photographer…

  • Eye Piece: Juke Box Hero

    Listening to music on vinyl has become been around for decades.

  • Eye Piece: Behind the Highlight

    highlight zone


    News 8's Greg White follows one of photographers, showing us that there is more to the madness than the action in front of the lens.

  • Eye Piece: Eagle Watching

    If you haven't seen eagles in our area yet, you should know they will be here soon.

  • Eye Piece: Archery Shoot

    According to La Crosse Archery, target shooting with a bow and arrow is growing faster than bow hunting.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Resolve to Keep the Resolution

    image: new year's resolutions

    In this week's Eye Piece, photographer Greg White went looking for a little motivation if you're already having a hard time sticking to your New Year's…

  • News 8 Eye Piece: 'Wrapping' up the holidays

    image; gift wrapping

    In this week's eyepiece, News 8 photographer Greg White takes us to Valley View Mall and shows us the final step in getting your gifts ready.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Mittens

    While seeking a break from the cold and a way to keep busy indoors over the winter, an Onalaska woman has found a unique way to do both.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Free Ride

    image; city bus

    City buses serve an important role in getting people around town and in this weeks' Eye Piece, we take you along for a ride.

  • News 8 Eye Piece: Small Business Saturday

    image: small business saturday

    In this week's Eyepiece, News 8 photographer Greg White show us how shopping small can make a big impact.

  • Eye Piece: The Spark

    It isn't always easy to find a job that you enjoy and that pays the bills, but a group Western Technical College students have found a career field that shows…

News 8 Photographers

Chuck Oedsma


Chuck Oedsma

Chuck Oedsma is the Chief Photographer at WKBT-TV.

John Schmidt


John Schmidt

John Schmidt is a Photographer at WKBT-TV.

Greg White


Greg White

Greg White is a photographer at WKBT-TV.