Mango and Arugula Fish Tacos
Makes 4 servings
Getting started Equipment you will need: Non-stick skillet, medium bowl, small dish, cutting board, chef knife Do night before: thaw fish
4 whole wheat wraps
1 avocado
½ mango
¼ red onion
3 cups baby arugula
1 Tbsp. lime juice

2 Tbsp. olive oil



1/2 cup light sour cream
1 tsp. Cumin powder


1. Cut wraps in halves to make 8 taco shells.
2. Pit and chop up avocado and one half of mango into small cubes and place into bowl. Dice red onion, chop arugula and add to bowl. Add lime juice to bowl and mix. Set aside 4 tilapia filets

3. Heat 2 Tbsp. of olive oil in a large non-stick cooking pan on medium heat. Season fish with salt and pepper to taste, and place filets in hot pan. Cook filets 3-4 minutes on each side (until done). Chop up fish with spatula and distribute on taco shells.
4. Mix sour cream and cumin powder in small dish. In taco shells, layer ingredients to make 8 servings. Top with sour cream sauce.

Suggested Side Items: Black Bean Salad or Spanish Rice

Tips: We recommend using Flat Out™ wraps for this recipe. Any white fish will work in place of tilapia. Try cod, haddock or mahi mahi. Any type of onion will work in place of red onion (yellow, white, green, etc.) The fat content of this recipe is mainly from avocado and olive oil, both of which are good sources of heart healthy monounsaturated fat. This recipe has close to 16g of monounsaturated fat per serving! Shopping list: Whole wheat Flat Out™ wraps 1 avocado 1 mango 1 bunch baby arugula 1 Lime 4 (3 oz.) tilapia filets

Check for: Olive oil Salt and pepper Cumin
Light sour cream Red onion