New flu vaccine to cover 4 strains of the virus

Published On: Dec 24 2013 04:30:18 AM CST   Updated On: Sep 06 2013 01:03:29 PM CDT
Flu shot, vaccine

The flu season will be here before we know it, and this year you'll have more choices when it comes to the vaccine.

Gundersen Health System is getting a small amount of what's called Quadrivalent vaccine. This protects people from four strains of flu instead of the more common three-strain vaccine.

It's being recommended for kids because the fourth strain is more common in schools.

They'll still have plenty of three-strain vaccines as well as nasal sprays and high dose shots.

Health officials say it's the best way to prevent widespread flu outbreaks. "Hopefully by continuing to grow the types and the varieties of vaccine that are available, we'll continue to grow the amount of people who are protected and continue to combat the virus that way," said Gundersen Infection Control Specialist Bridget Pfaff.

Gundersen is also offering an egg-free vaccine for people who suffer from egg allergies.

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse will also be offering Quadrivalent vaccine to pediatric patients.