New Orleans police said a new arrest was made in the investigation of the shooting that injured 20 people on Mother's Day, WDSU-TV in New Orleans reported on Friday.

Police said 19-year-old Monique Pepe was arrested on charges of harboring Shawn Scott. Police said Scott, 24, was one of the two gunmen who fired into the crowd attending a parade.

Pepe was also charged with accessory after the fact of attempted second-degree murder, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

The other shooter, police said, was 19-year-old Akein Scott, who was arrested late Wednesday night in eastern New Orleans. Shawn Scott was taken into custody Thursday.

The two brothers are involved in the "Frenchman and Derbigny Boys" gang, according to police.

The shooting is under investigation, and police haven't publicly stated the cause that led to the barrage of gunfire Sunday afternoon, but sources told WDSU Thursday that the intended target of the shooting was 35-year-old Leonard Epps.

New Orleans police arrested four people, who investigators said harbored Akein Scott, providing him shelter and comfort in New Orleans East.

Neika Youngblood, 32, Bionca Hickerson, 22, Brandy George, 28, and Justin Alexander, 19, were arrested on charges of accessory after the fact of attempted second-degree murder and relative to obstruction of justice by harboring a fugitive, police said.