A La Crosse neighborhood is continuing its efforts to save its historic swimming pool.

The Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association is starting to get feedback from the consulting firm it hired to study the viability of saving the Memorial Pool in central La Crosse. The 80-year-old pool was closed this summer over safety concerns and faces an uncertain future.

The neighborhood association says its study shows the pool could be saved for about $2.5 million. That total would include adjusting the size of the pool and lining its walls instead of completely replacing them.

However, more work needs to be done in the study, which will cost another $4,000 to complete. Neighborhood residents are asking for help from residents of other parts of the city to raise that money and help keep Memorial Pool open next year.

"We want the outdoor pool to still be here for next year's kids, and the year after for the year after's kids," said resident Kraig Brownell. "If we were to let this pool die, it would be no less than four years before any sort of pool would replace it."

The push to re-open the pool comes as the city tries to sort out its capital improvement budget for next year. Right now, repairs for Memorial Pool are in the budget plans but aren't being funded yet.

The decision on whether to pay for the improvements could be made within the next month.