We occasionally receive messages from News 8 viewers that have issues tuning in our signal with their over-the-air antenna. We wanted to give you some information that will help.

Our Digital TV signal is on Channel 8, which is VHF. Make sure your antenna is capable of receiving VHF.

The best option to receive our over-the-air signal is by using a rooftop antenna, but that it isn't possible at every location. If you can't put up a rooftop or attic antenna. an amplified indoor antenna is highly recommended.

Our tower is located near Galesville, Wisconsin so be sure your rooftop antenna is pointed in that direction. Indoor antennas should be oriented so they are facing that direction, too. Placing the antenna near windows and as high as possible is best.

The best advice we have is to:

  • Get a higher quality indoor antenna that is amplified and clearly states it can receive VHF. We have had the most success with Terk antennas.
    • Recommended Terk models:
      • Terk TV4
      • Terk TV2
      • HDTV A (amplified)
      • OmniTV (amplified)
  • Be sure to save your receipt to return antenna if it doesn’t work! Local Radio Shack tells us that a model called Antenna Craft has been very helpful in picking up Channel 8. (Model # 1500433 $79)
  • Get a longer length of coaxial cable (20+ feet) that connects to either your converter box or the antenna input on the back of your digital TV. This allows you to move your indoor antenna more freely throughout the room to see what you can receive.
  • When deciding where to place antenna, higher in the room is generally better
  • If antenna has rabbit ears, it can help to extend rabbit ears to only 2/3 length
  • Consider an outdoor rotor antenna if you have exhausted all options with indoor. A rotor antenna allows you to point antenna at our broadcast tower in Galesville, WI

When you try out a new antenna, you may have to perform a re-scan on your converter box or TV.

As you already have experienced, antenna reception is not a perfect science. There are many things that can interfere with a broadcast signal making it hard to tune in. And yes, there are homes in our viewing area where over-the-air reception of WKBT is not possible due to interference, the bluffs and distance from broadcasting tower.

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