Call it interstate bonding. Every year, nearly 25,000 people gather along the Florida-Alabama state line to throw fish at each other.

The event is called the Interstate Mullet Toss, the "mullet" in this case referring to a 1-pound dead fish as opposed to the hairstyle of the same name.

This is the 29th year the event has been held, but businesses are counting on it bringing in tourists a bit more than normal after a nearby music festival was canceled and the Blue Angels were grounded due to federal budget cuts.

"They need more things, because we're not going to have visitors if we don't have something to do," said Deidei Brown, a Pensacola, Fla., resident who was at the mullet toss.

For participants, the event is about more than hurling dead fish and having fun. About $20,000 in proceeds go to area youth charities each year.