Five years ago, a walk across UW-La Crosse's campus would look very different than today.

Since then, the university has built a new stadium, two buildings and the most recent, a parking ramp.

But university officials say they're far from being done with construction.

While the parking ramp is up and running, university officials say two more levels are on the way in the next year.

While it means students will have to put up with even more construction, some say in the end, the cost and temporary inconvenience will be worth it.

"I wish it was here before when I was a student," said UW-La Crosse alumnus Shailja Tiku.

Tiku said having a permit to park in the new parking ramp will definitely pay off come winter when she's back on campus studying for her certification exam.

"I remember last winter when I used to have my classes they'd be over at 8:30 or 9 p.m. since I was a masters student and the car, it would be totally covered with snow and then I'd have to shovel the snow off and it was not very convenient," said Tiku.

Soon an additional 400 students at a cost of $7 million will have access to that convenience as well.

"Right now we are planning to add two levels to the ramp. The structure is built and was designed to hold two additional levels," said assistant campus planner Scott Schumacher.

That will bring the total parking spots to 1,000, costing a total of $18 million for the entire project.

Schumacher said the addition is needed to meet a growing enrollment and to prepare for upcoming construction projects on campus.

"We needed to get back up to capacity and prepare for the student center project and the Cowley project which would take some surface parking offline," said Schumacher.

Coming up first is the new Student Center, which will be built in the Wimberly Hall parking lot across from the stadium.

"Scheduled to start construction next summer," said Schumacher.

Right after that will be a new science building to replace Cowley Hall.

"It's basically a year behind the student center," said Schumacher.

While the student center will cost students some extra money, Tiku said it's worth it.

"It really makes a difference, the atmosphere, the ambiance. It makes a difference. We love Centennial Hall, so yeah, I'm excited about that. I'm really happy the future students will be able to," said Tiku.

Each of the construction projects are funded differently.

The parking ramp is paid through the parking permits.

The new student center is funded in part by the students and the new science building is a state-funded project.

Schumacher said they expect the parking ramp addition to be done by the end of next year.