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Top Toilet Paper 4/20/12

Scott's innovative tube-free roll—designed to eliminate cardboard waste—was one of
several that were hard to tear.

Another test, designed to determine how well a toilet paper breaks down, because
nobody wants toilet paper clogging the plumbing. The best toilet paper disintegrated
in seconds. But Charmin's Ultra Strong took the longest, more than a minute to break

And who wants a scratchy toilet paper? In a temperature-and-humidity-controlled room,
Consumer Reports sensory panelists size up the softness.

White Cloud 3-ply Ultra from Walmart topped the charts. It scored excellent for softness.
It's strong, and it breaks down quickly.

Not a Walmart shopper? Quilted Northern Ultra Plush came in second in Consumer
Reports' tests. It proved easy to tear and was very soft.

As for the eco-friendly toilet papers, none was great. But if living green is a priority,
Consumer Reports says try Seventh Generation toilet paper. While it's not super-strong,
it rated very good for softness and excellent for disintegration.

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