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Top Ice Cream 5/31/13

"OK, what should we get?" Go to any ice cream shop and you'll find plenty of choices.
"And my all-time favorite is rocky road."
But what to choose when you want to chill at home?
Consumer Reports tested 25 ice creams and frozen yogurts in three popular flavors - vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan. "Granted, not all are health Consumer Reports food, but we do look at nutrition information to see which ones are better for you."
And of course, trained testers also rate them for taste. The butter pecan top-rated for taste is Häagen-Dazs -- which, aside from delicious, is also the priciest.
Amy Keating, "And no surprise here, it also scored the lowest nutritionally among all those tested. A half-cup
serving has a whopping 300 calories and 22 grams of fat.
So it's a real splurge!" For about half the fat and calories, try Walmart's Great Value Butter Pecan ice cream, which is just as tasty, with bits of flavorful, roasted nuts. And it's also the least expensive.
More of a flavor traditionalist? Both Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's vanilla and chocolate have big flavors and creamy textures, but the Ben & Jerry's are slightly lower in fat.
Frozen yogurts For an even healthier choice, try frozen yogurt.
Amy Keating, "The hot new thing in the freezer aisle -- Greek frozen yogurts - - which pack more protein, but
none of the four we tested were standouts."
Instead, go with traditional frozen yogurts. Either Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean or T-C-B-Y Classic Vanilla
offer a treat that's both delicious and healthy.
"Mmmmmmm!" That is, if you're even thinking
about nutrition! ."

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