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Toasters 11/12/12

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for berating cooks on his "Kitchen Nightmares" TV show. Now he's putting his name on this toaster for Kmart. "everybody needs a few ideas for a quick dinner up their sleeve." And the Food Network, with its celebrity chefs, is putting its name on this toaster sold at Kohl's. Consumer Reports tested these toasters along with dozens of others. "We found it's actually not so easy to find a toaster that turns out evenly browned toast." Testers evaluate how well a toaster makes light toast as well as dark. They test whether the pieces of toast come out evenly. And testers check to see if successive batches produced the same color toast. Gordon Ramsay's toaster didn't do well. Dan DiClerico "These slices of toast are pretty dark. This is the worst toaster in our ratings." And the Food Network's toaster wasn't great at making multiple batches either. Then there's the Nostalgia Electrics Egg'n'Muffin Toaster that lets you cook bacon or fry an egg while it toasts. Dan DiClerico "Unfortunately, the Nostalgia's griddle is pretty slow. It took more than ten minutes to fry bacon and cook eggs." When all the tests were done, this 80-dollar Cuisinart topped the ratings. It consistently delivered evenly toasted bread with the push of a button. For much less, this Hamilton Beach is a Best Buy for 35 dollars. While it has fewer features, it rated excellent for toasting evenly. ."

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