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Theater Snacks 2/17/12

When you head to the movies you might not think twice before indulging at the snack bar. But Consumer Reports says maybe you should. "We looked at the calories, total fat, and sodium to see what sort of diet damage you can look forward to at your next movie outing." Consumer Reports tested snacks from three national movie chains near its New York headquarters - A-M-C, National Amusements, and Regal. Testers analyzed the largest available sizes of nachos with cheese … pretzel pieces with cheese … and of course popcorn, with and without butter.


No shocker - the results are not pretty. The portion sizes varied - but here's an estimate of what you can expect. A serving of large pretzel pieces with cheese had as much as half a day's calories and fat and more than a day's worth of sodium! And forget about the nachos with cheese unless you want a large helping of fat - most had about 40 to 50 grams. Everyone's favorite - a large tub of buttered popcorn and a large Coke - can give you up to two thousand calories. That's a full day's worth. And the sugars in a large or jumbo soda are anywhere from 24 to 44 teaspoons! Consumer Reports' advice … Jamie Hirsh "If you want to buy a drink, choose diet soda, seltzer, or even just plain water, and if you want a snack, buy the smallest size that you can and share it with a friend. " ."

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