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Supermarket Savings 4/15/12

Are you a harried shopper who buys whatever catches your eye? Does your grocery bill send you into a state of shock? Tod Marks shopping Consumer Reports' Tod Marks shopped for 30 everyday items and says the type of shopper you are makes a big difference. First Marks played the role of an "impulsive shopper" who never shopped for bargains. Next he was a "savvy shopper" who scoured flyers and used savings cards and coupons. "
Then he was a "store-brand fan," buying only store brands. Tod Marks Consumer Reports "I found you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year if you shop smarter." For example, orange juice. The impulsive shopper paid $1.89 a quart. The savvy shopper got it for $1.36, and the store-brand fan paid even less - $1.25. For tomato sauce, the impulsive shopper paid 7.99, while the savvy shopper and the store-brand fan both got it for $1.67. And look at the savings on cream cheese. The impulsive shopper paid 3.29, while the savvy shopper spent 2.32 and the store-brand fan got it for 99 cents. All in all, Marks cut his more than 241-dollar impulsive shopper grocery bill to 87 dollars as a store-brand fan.

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