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Siri Wannabe 2/18/13

Tyler Carfi "Siri, where's the nearest ATM?" Tyler Carfi loves Siri, Apple's much-acclaimed voice-recognition feature. Tyler Carfi "I can just ask Siri where's the nearest coffee shop. It's really convenient." Consumer Reports says two top examples of voice-recognition apps are Robin and Speak-To-It. You can download them onto your phone for free. "Speak-To-It is available on several platforms, including iPhone, whereas Robin is exclusively for the Android platform." Both apps do well with some requests. Mike Gikas "Navigate home." Robin "Absolutely. Looking for directions to home." Mike Gikas "Show me pictures of the Eiffel Tower." "I found a few pictures of Eiffel Tower for you." But both struggle with other questions. Mike Gikas "How much is three plus six?" Robin "Let's ask Google for how much is three plus six" Mike Gikas "Set up a meeting with Ann Burr Tenthoff at six o'clock." "I don't think I'm qualified to answer that yet." Siri, on the other hand, has no problem with similar requests. Siri "I scheduled your event with Paul Reynolds for 4:30 PM tomorrow." And Siri can add! Bottom line? Siri remains the voice recognition stand-out. Mike Gikas "Siri is hardwired into your iPhone and has access to much more of your personal information. And that's an edge that none of the other apps can really compete with." Tyler agrees. Tyler Carfi "Where's the nearest coffee shop?" Siri "I have found 14 coffee shops. Five of them are fairly close to you." ."

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