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Schtick 8/31/12

"You're going to clean your home in a quickie when you use your Schticky." Watch out, lint rollers! You've got some competition. First, the 20-dollar Schticky … "It's a reusable lint roller and more." And the 10-dollar Sticky Buddy. "… the power of glue without the goo." Both these "As Seen on TV products" claim to pick up almost any mess, including pet hair, debris, and even coins. Consumer Reports' Pat Slaven couldn't resist checking them out. First, Pat "schtickied up" messes around Consumer Reports' headquarters. Then she took on pet hair at her home. She compared both infomercial products to a regular old lint roller. Turns out they all work. Pat Slaven "They pick up lint. They pick up cat hair. They pick up coins." But an advantage with a conventional lint roller - a quick rip gets you to a clean sheet. The reusable Schticky and Sticky Buddy both need to be washed. "… with a little water, the dirt comes right off." "Then just rinse it, dry it, and it's sticky all over again." Well, that's not exactly the case. Pat Slaven "You have to rub them. You should use soap. It takes a bit longer than the commercials show you." And Consumer Reports found you have to take off the end caps and drain them thoroughly - otherwise water gets trapped inside and can leak out later. "And ladies, you always wanted to 'shtick' it to your husband, now you can …" Consumer Reports says you might want to "shtick" with a lint roller for quicker cleanups, and for bigger jobs - go for a vacuum. "

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