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Reliable Motorcycles-4/5/13

Motorcycles offer an exhilarating riding experience and can deliver impressive fuel
savings. If you're thinking about getting one, Consumer Reports National Research
Center surveyed more than 4,000 motorcycle owners to find some of the most reliable

It turns out Harley-Davidson and BMW were more repair-prone than Japanese brands
Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Honda. But the survey showed owners of Harleys and BMWs
were among the most satisfied with their motorcycles.

No matter which brand you buy, basic maintenance will help avoid costly repairs. For
instance, replacing $50 brake pads before they're worn down can save you hundreds
on damaged rotors and other parts.

Keeping tires properly inflated will prevent premature tire wear and give you much better
handling. If your motorcycle calls for premium gas, use it.

And it's best to store your bike in a protected area or cover it to prevent unnecessary
wear. And if it's going to sit for any period of time, be sure to add fuel stabilizer to a full
tank of gas.

All that can help keep repair costs down and your motorcycle cruising down the road.
Consumer Report says it's a good idea to get in the habit of doing a quick visual check
before getting on your motorcycle. Look for any leaks or cracks in hoses or tires.

Complete Ratings and recommendations on all kinds of products, including appliances,
cars & trucks, and electronic gear, are available on Consumer Reports' website.

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