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Pro Stoves 7/1/11

  Anita Bay has a great kitchen, and the centerpiece is her professional range.   Anita Bay, "The stove, I love, because I needed something big that could accommodate a lot of pots and pans, and a lot of things simultaneously."   Anita is lucky to have enough space for a professional range -they're often 36 inches or wider. Consumer Reports just tested two new ranges for people who want a pro-style range that fits a standard, 30-inch space.    They are pricey. One from  Jenn-Air costs almost four thousand dollars. The other, from GE, is even more - five thousand dollars!    "We put these two ranges through the same battery of tests that we use on all ranges here at the lab, including broiling burgers, baking cookies, and simmering sauces."    While the pro-style ranges were very good overall, and excel at simmering, they weren't tops in the ratings.   Both are just OK when it comes to quick cooktop heating. And neither impressed testers with their broiling. The Jenn-Air in particular turned out burgers without a nice seared finish. Consumer Report says if top performance is most important to you, save your dough.


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