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Pod Coffeemakers 11/25/12

Like many people who've switched to a single-serve coffeemaker, Amy Werner values the speed and convenience. Amy Werner "It's easier in the morning. Just put a cup underneath there, pop the button, and go." Consumer Reports tested 21 pod coffeemakers from names like DeLonghi, Keurig, Mr. Coffee. Also tested, the new single-serve Verismo machine from Starbucks that starts at 200 dollars. "Single-serve coffeemakers are all about convenience, so our testers look for things like how fast you'll get that first cup of coffee in the morning." The fastest will rush you your caffeine in about a minute. But this one from Hamilton Beach took three minutes to deliver that first cup. As for the Starbucks Verismo machine - you can make Starbucks' espresso, café latte, and brewed coffee … but it's pricey. Bob Markovich "For a coffeemaker that costs 200 dollars, it's really very basic. For example, you can't adjust brew strength, and the manual says you should flush the machine with water after each brew." Far better for less, says Consumer Reports, is a 150-dollar one from DeLonghi - the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Circolo. It brews a cup in a minute and makes cappuccinos, espressos, and other drinks as well. But be aware - buying a pod machine is just the beginning. Bob Markovich "The pods can be expensive, up to a dollar a cup." But Amy and her family think the convenience is worth it. ."

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