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Painter's Tape 2/4/13

"Professional painters know one key to a great paint job is taking the time to
tape the edges.

Danny Maldonado
Professional Painter
"Prep work is always the hardest part of the job. Painting is fairly simple.
But if you have everything prepared properly, it makes the job go a lot

And testers at Consumer Reports say which tape you use can make a

John Galeotafiore
"A good tape keeps the paint from bleeding underneath it, it's easy to
remove, and it doesn't take the paint off with it."

Consumer Reports looked at six painter's tapes, costing between three and
eight dollars a roll. There were ones from Scotch … Duck … and FrogTape.
Testers compared them to plain old masking tape, which costs about two

After applying the tape strips and pressing them down evenly with a
weighted roller, testers paint a coat of blue paint over them -- and then leave
the paint to dry for varying times before pulling the tape off.
Regular masking tape tore, making it really tedious to remove.

John Galeotafiore
Consumer Reports

"Tape isn't a big investment, so you might as well spend a few extra bucks
and get a painter's tape designed specifically for the job."

Several delivered a very sharp line, including - 3M's Edge-Lock
ScotchBlue Advanced Delicate Surface, 3M's Edge-Lock ScotchBlue Multi-
Surface, and FrogTape Multi-Surface.

But these three were a little harder to remove than the clear winner in
Consumer Reports tests - The FrogTape Delicate Surface tape. It costs
between six and eight dollars a roll, leaves a very sharp line, and was the
easiest of the six to remove.

So with the right tape you can pull off a great paint job with ease. ."

Consumer Reports says when prepping a room for painting, be sure to press the tape down firmly along the edges to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath it.
And remove the tape as soon after painting as possible, even if the paint is still wet.
I'm Martha Koloski and that's today's On Your Side.

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