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November Consumer Index 11/5/12

"Every month Consumer Reports asks a cross section of Americans about specific financial troubles they've faced in the past 30 days, like missing a loan payment. The responses are tallied in the Consumer Reports Index Trouble Tracker. Good news. In November, the Trouble Tracker fell to its lowest level - lower than it's been since Consumer Reports began tracking it in early 2009. Fewer people reported problems in the eight key areas, including … losing health care coverage, being denied a personal loan or seeing their credit card rates or fees increase. People earning 50-thousand dollars or more saw the biggest improvement. But even for lower-income Americans things are getting a little better. And there's more good news. The Consumer Reports' Employment Index reached a high point this month. It's above 50, meaning more Americans are finding jobs than losing them. Still the number of people starting jobs remains relatively low. That needs to increase for the gains we saw this month to continue. I'm Mandy Walker for Consumer Reports. "

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