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Motorcycles 8/6/12

Angela Annamalai has been selling motorcycles for the last several years. She encourages her customers to focus on safety and get antilock brakes whenever possible. Angela Annamalai "I've seen a lot of folks that have injuries from accidents, and I feel that when you're only on two wheels, why not do your very best to be safe." Antilock brakes have been standard safety equipment on cars for years. But they're even more important for motorcycles. Jim Travers Consumer Reports "On a motorcycle, if you lock up a wheel, you're going to go over in a heartbeat. Faster than you can possibly imagine." This test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety clearly shows the danger. With the antilock brake system turned off, this motorcycle goes into a skid. But with the A-B-S engaged, you can see how the motorcycle easily comes to a stop. Consumer Reports just checked out a Honda CBR 250-R motorcycle. Antilock brakes are an option. It's the first entry-level bike in the U-S to offer A-B-S, and it goes for around 46-hundred dollars. Jim Travers "It's going to appeal a lot more to a newer rider, a novice rider. And that's where we see ABS as having the biggest benefit." A recent insurance-industry study underscores the pressing need for antilock brakes on motorcycles. Those equipped with ABS are 37 percent less likely to be in a fatal crash than motorcycles that don't have antilock brakes. Consumer Reports says other pluses with this Honda - it has a responsive engine … … and it accelerates nicely without feeling intimidating. ."

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