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Laundry Detergents 10/7/11

"Introducing Dropps, pre-measured pacs of liquid laundry detergent that you just toss and go." This TV commercial for Dropps detergent promises to make doing laundry easier. You get 20 pacs in a bag. And Arm & Hammer is touting its new type of detergent … "America's first gel detergent with more power in every drop. Its maximum gelocity hammers out dirt, sauce, grass, and chocolate …"


Consumer Reports tested these two detergents along with dozens of others. Many highlight that they're concentrated. You'll see "2-times Concentrated," "3-times Ultra," and even "6-times" concentrated. Consumer Reports says while you use less of these detergents per load, they aren't necessarily less expensive. But they do use less plastic packaging - a plus for the environment. To find out how well the detergents clean, testers use swatches soaked with tough-to-remove stains like wine and grass and wash them with the detergent and a full load of towels. "We found there were plenty of detergents that did a better cleaning job than the Dropps pacs and the Arm & Hammer Power Gel." For conventional top-loaders, Consumer Reports recommends Wisk Deep Clean New Stain Spectrum Technology. It costs 17 cents a load. And for high-efficiency washers, Consumer Reports named Target's Up & Up Fresh Breeze liquid laundry detergent a Best Buy at 11 cents a load. ."

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