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Kitchen Remodeling 6/26/11

 When it comes to remodeling a kitchen …       … almost everyone has something they might have done differently.       "I feel I should have had it planned out a little bit better."   "Nobody should start until everything you've ordered has been delivered to your home."    "I wish I'd known in greater detail the dimension of the appliances."    When you're cooking up a kitchen renovation there are so many places where it's easy to goof. Storage space is one of them. Consumer Reports says, don't skimp!   "Carefully plan how much storage you'll need and where to put it."   For instance, dishes and glasses need four to six linear feet of cabinet space above or near the sink and dishwasher. Pots and pans need the same, and store them close to your cooktop.   Center islands can be tricky too.  Bob Markovich,  "This one looks great, but a common design goof is making the island too big."      The countertop should be three feet wide to no more than ten feet. As for depth, you want one that measures at least 26 inches, and up to 48 inches.        Bob Markovich, "Picking the wrong range hood can also leave you steaming."     You might be tempted to save space by choosing a microwave with built-in venting. But Consumer Reports tests find they don't clear smoke and steam as well as a good hood.  As for countertops, choosing one that stains easily is another mistake people make. Skip oil-rubbed butcher block for kitchen counters - it's one of the surfaces that stains easily.  With careful planning and attention to detail you can sidestep these mistakes and get the kitchen you've always wanted.  


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