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Keyboards 12/10/12

Typing on a virtual keyboard can drive some people virtually crazy!

"I wanna bang my head against the wall. It's crazy!" It's a common complaint. So when Microsoft recently unveiled its
new "Surface" tablet, it offered two keyboards for sale, right from the get-go.
Consumer Reports says both have full-sized keys, are thin and light, and double as a cover.

If you already have a tablet and want a separate keyboard, there are options there, too.

Charlie Davidman, an electronics expert at Consumer Reports, looked at four more tablet keyboards from Targus, Logitech, and Zagg. "They offer the convenience of a physical keyboard, and they have keys that you don't often find on a tablet."

Like a tab key and dedicated number and symbol functions. This 65-dollar Targus keyboard works with either iPads or
Androids. It's small and light, with virtually the same size keys as a typical laptop, and it runs on triple-A batteries.

Charlie Davidman "The downside is that it doesn't act as a case or a stand, so you're just lugging around an extra

For a bit more money, consider a 100-dollar Zagg Zaggfolio keyboard case. You can get one for either later iPads or Android tablets. It has large keys and doubles as a stand, plus it latches securely.
And the carbon fiber case … … feels very protective. .."

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