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Keeping Track of Your Stuff 1/27/14

You know the problem. You can't find your keys … or your wallet … or anything else. "I get so frustrated. It's terrible!" "I'm obsessed with trying to find it until I find it." "It's stressful, very stressful," There are devices that can help. And who better to test them than Consumer Reports' Bernie Deitrick. Bernie Deitrick "Got it!" The devices - the Find Your Stuff Stick and Find, the Cobra Tag, and the BiKN. All three allow you to tag your stuff and find it when it's lost using your smart phone. Bernie Deitrick "All of these have limited ranges. You have to be within about 30 feet for them to be effective." So Bernie went about tagging items, then hiding them all around Consumer Reports' headquarters. Then he tried to find everything. The least expensive 25-dollar Stick and Find sometimes took up to two minutes to find a signal - frustrating when you are in a rush to find something. The BiKN was quicker, but it costs 100 dollars and at the moment is only available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. The Cobra Tag is just as quick but works with more devices, and at 40 dollars isn't as tough on your wallet - that is if you can find your wallet. "

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