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Internet Bills- 5/28/12

Watching television … talking on the telephone … "Cameron has band …" … and surfing the Web. If you're not bundling these services - getting all three as a discount package … … you could be missing out on big savings. And the Consumer Reports National Research Center found there are other ways to cut your telecom bill. A survey of 69-thousand readers reveals bargaining can really pay off. "Seven out of ten people we polled who bundle their services didn't bargain before signing up. But of those who did, more than 90 percent got some sort of deal." Of those who negotiated for telecom services, 40 percent got their bill reduced as much as 50 dollars a month.


Others got fees waived for activation and installation or were offered free premium services for a period. But you want to remember to cancel these before companies start charging you. Rosalind Tordesillas, "Some companies are now tracking what discounts you've already gotten, so you may have to press harder. If asking for a lower rate doesn't work, let them know you're thinking of cutting some services or switching providers." Providers may be more willing to deal once it's clear you're serious about dropping them. Rosalind Tordesillas "One of our staffers called and asked how to disconnect her service. She actually got 30 dollars knocked off her monthly bill and an upgrade as well." Use these tips to make sure you're not paying more than you have to to watch TV, stay connected, and talk on the phone ."

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