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Heart Tests

Websites for health-care providers are promoting diagnostic heart tests - including expensive C-T scans - to just about anyone.

Electrocardiograms are another heart test that Consumer Reports says most people should skip if you don't have symptoms. An EKG can give a false positive, leading to more tests and unnecessary treatment.

"This procedure is no more effective than medication in managing stable heart disease. And the procedure itself can trigger a heart attack."


For people without symptoms, Consumer Reports says the simplest methods of determining the risk of heart disease are still the best - monitoring your blood pressure, having a blood test to check your cholesterol, and getting a glucose test for diabetes.

"If you do find preliminary signs of heart disease, ask your doctor about medications and changes in lifestyle that can help."

Simple dietary changes - less fat and more vegetables and fruit -along with regular exercise and a weight-loss program might be all that you need.

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