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Grill Gadgets 7/6

Looking for more from your grill? Consumer Reports tested three gadgets that aim to make grilling even better. First up - GrillGrates - interlocking panels that sit on top of your grill. They promise to help it cook more evenly and keep your food juicy, while reducing flare ups.

Consumer Reports' lab found the GrillGrates did improve evenness with one of the two grills it tested. And although the GrillGrates didn't totally eliminate flare-ups, they did deliver some nice grill marks.

"If your grill is uneven heating and you're maybe even contemplating replacing your grill, this would be a less expensive option to try and they do offer a money back guarantee."

Next up - the $150 Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box for using your grill to make wood-fired-style pizza. After a 30-minute warm up, it turned out delicious pizzas every four minutes. And finally - the $130 Grillbot. It's a grill-cleaning robot that promises to scrub your grill grates automatically. Consumer Reports let the robot loose on a grill caked with cooked chicken.

It is noisy, but after 20 minutes the Grillbot tidied up some of the mess.
Still it took a grill brush to clean up the pieces of burnt chicken stuck in between the grates. A grill brush is a faster, less expensive solution, but it's not as fun.

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