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Go Bars 6/28/13

What do you eat when you're hungry and in a hurry? "I don't know, I just like to get something crunchy and salty." "I'll get a coffee and like a muffin or a banana bread or something." "I'll grab like a little bar. Like a health bar? Health bar …" Experts at Consumer Reports say if you're satisfying your hunger with a snack bar, choose wisely. They evaluated two dozen - in strawberry, chocolate, and peanut butter flavors. "It doesn't matter if it's called a protein bar, a cereal bar, granola bar, we did find big differences in nutrition." And there are big differences in taste, too, even within brands. Take Clif bars. Clif Builder's 20-gram Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter tasted vitamin-y, chalky, and gritty. Nutritionally, more than half the fat is saturated -- and although the bar is larger than most, it was the most expensive tested -- at a dollar thirty per serving. But its sibling - the Clif Crunch Chocolate Chip Granola Bar -- cost less than half that. It rated good for nutrition, and very good for taste, with honey notes and crispy, toasted grains. When it came to the two Nature Valley bars, they were consistent for flavor. Sweet and Salty Nut and Crunchy Oats 'n Dark Chocolate rated very good for taste, though weren't the best for nutrition. So make sure you take a moment to check a bar's label, before you grab and go. "

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