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Gas Grills 6/2/13

" Nothing says summer like steak and salmon on the grill. Chef John Cavallo cooks something for everyone.
(SOT: John Cavallo)
"I got salmon, some steaks, we're doing some grilled peppers, make everybody happy."
For convenience, more people are grilling with gas these days. Consumer Reports tested dozens of gas grills that cost under 200 to over 2-thousand
Some grills do more than the basics - like this one with a rotisserie. It also has a side burner - perfect for keeping a pot boiling. And you'll find an
oven in this Kenmore grill!
Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman
Consumer Reports
"We were able to bake a pretty good cake in the oven, though the bottom was darker than one we baked in a regular oven."
Things can heat up in Consumer Reports' labs. Testers apply thermocouples to the grates to measure how evenly a grill distributes heat. This image
shows even heat. But this image shows that the grill has hot and cold spots
across the surface of the grates.
Pre-heating is important, too.
Celia Lehrman , "In a recent Consumer Reports reader survey, we found most gas grillers preheat their grill for five to ten minutes before cooking."
So testers preheat the grills for ten minutes to see if that's enough, measuring the temperature and evenness across the grates. Some grills do
better than others.
Consumer Reports top-rated two Weber grills. This midsized Weber Spirit goes for around 600 dollars and preheats quickly and evenly. So does this
smaller Weber Spirit for 450 dollars. And both do an excellent job at high and low temperatures … perfect for grilling a summertime feast! ."

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