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Frying Pan 6/30/13

You can bring home the bacon -- and fry it up in the pan -- but will it stick? The experts at Consumer Reports wanted to know, too! Ginny Lui "Oh, we don't really test with bacon!" OK! But when Consumer Reports tested frying pans, they did fry eggs to see whether they stick to non-stick pans. Testers also perform this durability test. A piece of steel wool makes 2-thousand passes over the pan to see how well the non-stick surface holds up. And the pancake test measures how evenly a frying pan cooks. "Hey, everybody, Rach here." Sorry, Rach! Mediocre cooking evenness and unimpressive durability kept the Rachael Ray ten-inch skillet off Consumer Reports' recommended list. "A lot of celebrity chefs are pushing their cookware these days. And while they seem like they should be great choices, we didn't find them to be the most impressive products." Instead, consider this Simply Calphalon Nonstick 10-inch omelet pan. At 40 dollars, it's a Consumer Reports Best Buy. This test photo shows how evenly it cooks. Plus it scored excellent in the non-stick test. It's also tough! Even after 2-thousand passes with steel wool, you could see the scrub marks, but there was no exposed metal. And clean up is a snap! ."

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