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Frozen Treats-6/15/12

Dana Nadler "Hey, guys, I got ice cream - who wants bars, who wants sandwiches?" "Sandwiches." "Sandwiches." "Definitely bar." Summer's here -- and what better time to stock your freezer full of grab-and-go treats? Erin Gudeux Consumer Reports "While most kids are happy with just about any ice cream, at Consumer Reports we found a couple of them that topped our ratings, that just might make the discriminating big kids happy, too." Taste testers evaluated 21 different frozen treats, including bars and sandwiches from Dove, Good Humor, Häagen-Dazs, and Klondike. Nostalgia-favorite Good Humor bars were the lowest-rated dark chocolate ice cream bars tested. Sensory tasters Sensory tasters described the coating as thin, waxy, and crumbly, with ice cream that tasted of artificial-vanilla and a hint of the wooden stick. Several other dark chocolate bars got sweeter reviews, including Häagen-Dazs and Dove. Both rated excellent. Kids eating ice cream Although these kids might not notice the nuances, the bars had rich and complex vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate. But they do come at a price. Erin Gudeux, "They're expensive. They cost about a 1.25 a bar. And just like all the ice cream bars, nutritionally, they have a lot of fat and calories, so you might want to save them as a splurge." Walgreens ice cream bar Store sign Ice cream For only 50 cents apiece, consider the ice cream sandwiches from Walgreens. That's right. The drugstore's "Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich" was the only sandwich tested that wasn't gummy. It has a soft, cakelike cookie that has a big cocoa flavor. A conclusion these novices can definitely agree with.

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