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Flooring 6/9/13

"Hammering … nailing … gluing! Putting in a new floor may seem daunting. But it doesn't have to be.

Consumer Reports says there's another option that's easy to install, affordable, and can go right over your existing floor.

These "floating" floors come in a variety of materials, including plastic laminate, solid wood, ceramic, cork, and even bamboo.
John McAloon
Consumer Reports
"We try to look for flooring that's going to hold up the best under any circumstances."
Here flooring is run through a scrubbing machine to see how well it survives a lot of foot traffic.
This test checks whether floors will stain. Testers apply everything from mustard to crayon and shoe polish
John McAloon, "Red wine vinegar to see if that stains."

And then there's the dent test.
John McAloon,
"This small weight replicates the drop of a piece of silverware. This five-pound weight replicates the drop of a cast-iron skillet."
These ceramic tiles are the top-rated floating flooring, although like any tile, they'll crack if hit hard enough.
They snap together easily and are impervious to stains, scuffs, and scratching. They're SnapStone, available at Lowe's for about $7.50 a square foot.
John McAloon, "If you install the set yourself, you can save four to 500 dollars on the average kitchen."
And if you have your heart set on wood, Consumer Reports top rated a pre-finished bamboo flooring from Teragren that costs 7.50 a square foot. It clicks together easily, no nails or glue necessary.

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