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Electric Cars 2/3/13

Ford calls the Ford Focus Electric the most fuel-efficient compact car in

Consumer Reports finds it can get the equivalent of 107 miles per gallon.
The engineers compared it with other all-electric cars, including the smaller
sub-compact Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Rik Paul
Consumer Reports
"The i-MiEV is even more fuel-efficient, getting the equivalent of 111 miles
per gallon. It's also easy to park, but it's slow and cramped, and it rides
stiffly. In fact, our engineers thought it was more like a glorified golf cart."

With any all-electric car, a primary consideration is how far it will go on a

Consumer Reports found the i-Miev's range is around 60 miles.
Rik Paul
"It takes 21 hours to recharge the i-MiEV on household current, but you can
get a 240-volt charger installed in your house that will cut that time down to
six hours."

The most luxurious all-electric car so far is the Tesla Model S. It claims a
range of up to 265 miles. Special charging stations can charge the battery
halfway in just 30 minutes.

Rik Paul
"Our initial impression of the Model S is that it's quick, agile, roomy, and
refined. But it's also expensive - starting at 57-thousand dollars, and the
top-of-the-line model is closer to 100-thousand."

The Ford Focus Electric falls somewhere in the middle. This one Consumer
Reports tested cost 41-thousand dollars. Its range is about 80 miles. And a
full charge takes less than four hours with a 240-volt charger. ."

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