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E-Book Reader 12/21/12

Lots of people think an e-book reader would be the perfect gift for someone in their life!

"I would buy one for my sister." "Probably my aunt, sister, probably everybody I know."

But choosing one can be tricky. Barnes and Noble offers two different Nooks, and Amazon has four different Kindles - not to mention readers from makers like Kobo and Sony. And there are tablets that offer electronic books, too.

"You can read e-books on a tablet, but a dedicated e-book reader is lighter, easier to hold in one hand, has a longer battery life and crisper type. All of these will make a difference in hour after hour of reading."

Among its tests, Consumer Reports assesses how fast each reader can turn a page. Some are really fast, while others are slower. Another test - looking at how easy they are to read in different lighting. The best readers have no
trouble with bright light - good for reading outside. If you're going to be reading in the dark, a reader with a built-in light is a real plus. Paul Reynolds "While there are other manufacturers, your choice probably boils down to a Nook or
a Kindle. Those are the brands with the best combination of performance, price, and features."

At the top of the ratings? The 120-dollar Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. The page turns are quick, and it was crisp, readable type as well as a built-in light.
For much less, consider the 70-dollar Kindle with Special Offers from Amazon. It also rated excellent for readability. However, the page turns aren't quite as fast. ."

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