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Dyson Heater 1/16/12

Dyson Hot heats the whole room faster than any other." This video spot for the Dyson Hot space heater sounds good. And the Dyson Hot sure looks good. "What's not so hot about the Dyson is its price. At 400 dollars, it's one of the most expensive space heaters we've ever tested." So how did the Dyson Hot do in Consumer Reports labs? It passed this important safety test. A terry cloth is placed on the heater to see if it scorches or catches fire. Bernie Deitrick, "The surface of the Dyson doesn't get so hot that you can't touch it. So that's not a safety risk."


And it's got another important safety feature. It shuts off if it's tipped over. But the remote presents a safety risk to young children. It has a small button-cell battery that's easily accessible and hazardous if swallowed. Bernie Deitrick, "If you have young children, you should make sure that the remote is kept out of their reach." You can operate the space heater without the remote. This test assesses how evenly space heaters distribute heat. Sensors measure the temperature in different parts of the room. The Dyson Hot did an excellent job. But it didn't score well for noise. Bernie Deitrick, "At its highest fan setting, the Dyson is one of the loudest space heaters we've ever tested. "

Instead, Consumer Reports says a better choice is this Vornado space heater. It's the TouchStone 500 Vortex Heat for 120 dollars. Even on high, it's not very noisy. ."

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