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Dyson 2/21/14

This commercial for the Dyson Hard touts its ability to mop and vacuum all with one machine. "… the Dyson Hard vacuum sucks and wet wipes in one action." Nice … but it costs 330 dollars! Consumer Reports pitted that pricey Dyson against this 40-dollar Swiffer Sweeper, which is also designed for wet and dry cleaning. "They're supposed to make floor cleaning easier, and you can use them with wet pads or dry. We wanted to see how well these hybrid cleaning tools actually work." To see which worked best, testers used the cleaners on some tough messes, including grape jelly … gravy … … ketchup … and mud … both wet and dry. The Swiffer's wet pads - which you buy separately - were better at picking up sticky kitchen spills than the Dyson's, which left some residue behind. But the Dyson was better at vacuuming up heavy dust. The Dyson also comes with a detachable hand vac, which proved great at cleaning up Cheerios. But the Swiffer didn't have any problems with Cheerios either. Consumer Reports says that- at 40-dollars - Swiffer is a better deal than the 330-dollar Dyson.

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