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Dryer Fires 2/22/13

This fire started in the dryer vent. And this home was destroyed by a fire that started in a clothes dryer. Fire officials say lint had built up in the dryer's ducts and caught fire. To prevent tragedies like these from happening in your home, it's essential to clean the lint from your dryer's ducts and lint trap. Consumer Reports tested a new infomercial product called the Lint Lizard that promises to help. "It's like a magic wand that cleans deep into any dryer."
The Lint Lizard attaches to your vacuum cleaner. You thread the tube through the opening of a dryer's lint trap.Bernie Deitrick checked to see how much lint it could remove from the dryer. Bernie Deitrick "The Lint Lizard worked really well. It removed more lint than any other technique that we tried."But one drawback - the Lint Lizard may not fit easily into very narrow dryer openings. And its sharp tip could damage flexible foil or plastic ductwork. However, Consumer Reports doesn't recommend these kinds of ducts anyway. Bernie Deitrick Consumer Reports "It can sag like this, collect lint, and cause problems with venting your dryer." Consumer Reports says metal ducts are far better - either flexible or solid. You want to clean those at least once a year. And clean your lint trap every time you use the dryer. Taking these precautions can help prevent a tragedy. ."

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