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Coors 1/29/12

Corona Extra's commercial transports you to the beach. This ad from Bud Light takes you across the dance floor. "Let's get this party started!" But for Consumer Reports' Adam Kaplan, beer is part of a hard day's work. He ran blind taste tests on ten regular and light beers, including Coors, Miller Lite, and Budweiser. Experts evaluated each beer, tasting three samples in random order. The beers tested came in cans, which keep out sunlight. Light can react with beer and ruin the taste. Light beers have the benefit of saving you 20 to 50 calories per can, but all those tested came up short on taste. "Unfortunately, none of them scored high enough to be rated very good." The worst? Corona Light, the most expensive light beer tested. Miller Lite was the best of the bunch. Adam Kaplan "It had more flavor than most." As for regular beers, Coors beat out the competition and scored well ahead of Budweiser. Adam Kaplan "It rated very good. It tastes clean and has good balance." And Coors is also a Best Buy at around six-and-a-half dollars for a six-pack. So you'll have more money to spend on snacks for your guests. This is James Andrews

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