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Celebrity Candy 4/28/13


Unreal Candy says it's "reinvented candy without the junk." It doesn't use artificial colors
and ingredients such as hydrogenated oils to produce its "unjunked" sweet treats. It's
promoted by celebrities like supermodel Gisele, football ace Tom Brady and actor Matt

Unreal Candy offers alternatives to iconic candies. Consumer Reports did blind taste
tests to see how they stack up.

Unreal's Candy Coated Chocolates went up against plain milk chocolate M&M's. Their
unusual color actually comes from beetroot, turmeric, and purple cabbage juice. They
were both good, but the M&M's were definitely sweeter.

Unreal's Chocolate Caramel Nougat bars battled Milky Way. The Peanut Nougat
bars took on Snickers. Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts went up against
Peanut M&M's. And Unreal's Peanut Butter Cups fought it out with Reese's. In those
categories, Consumer Reports found that Unreal's candies were good, but most weren't
as flavorful.

As for claims that Unreal Candy is better for you, Consumer Reports found that they
have comparable calories and fat to their "junk" counterparts. The bottom line: If you
want to indulge in a treat and avoid artificial ingredients, Unreal's candies could be
worth a try.

Consumer Reports says it's interesting to note that Unreal Candy's website points out
that fruit, such as an orange, is a better nutritional alternative to candy.

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