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Camcorders 12/19/11

Zach Falch carries his Flip pocket camcorder wherever he goes. He uploads his video adventures for all his friends to see. Zach Falch "If my Flip broke, I would be devastated. That would be something terrible." With the Flip no longer being made, what are the other choices at hand? Consumer Reports tested 16 of the newest pocket camcorders, ranging in price from 100 to 300 dollars. Testers evaluated the camcorders primarily for photo and audio quality. They also looked at how easy it is to upload content to social media sites. "Audio and picture quality isn't going to be as good as a full-size camcorder's.


But some come with unique features that are worth checking out." The Sony Bloggie Duo has two L-C-D screens - one on the front and one on the back. That lets you get great shots of yourself. And the ViewSonic D-V-P-5 comes with a projector so you can show your video. Terry Sullivan "That's a neat feature, but the overall picture quality was not that great." Consumer Reports also evaluated some 3-D pocket camcorders, but none did well enough to be recommended. Then there's Kodak's PlaySport Z-x-5, which claims it's waterproof … and shockproof.
It earned top ratings in Consumer Reports' tests. And at 150 dollars, it's a Best Buy. The Zoom Q-3-H-D also got top ratings. It's pricey at 300 dollars, but it has the best audio quality of all the pocket camcorders tested. ."

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