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Best Chocolates 2/7/13

Ahhh, chocolate! Have you ever tried champagne truffles covered in rose petals? How about a red fire caramel bar? Those are just some of the exotic bonbons you can buy here at Vosges. "Everything's really beautiful here. And it's delicious." Vosges Exotic Truffle collection was one of more than 30 gift-box chocolates Consumer Reports taste-tested. With unusual fillings like wasabi and paprika, this Vosges box rated excellent. It costs 40 dollars plus shipping. Woodhouse Assortment This Woodhouse Assortment gift box was even better. It costs 90 dollars, plus shipping. Erin Gudeux Consumer Reports"This assortment has great pieces with amazing flavors like cinnamon toast and buttery pecan pie. The flavors just seem to explode in your mouth." While delicious chocolates can be expensive, there are ways to save. Buying at the chocolate shop can save you the shipping costs. And signing up for a company's newsletter or mailing list can help you find savings, too. Erin Gudeux "We also found some very good chocolates that you could try that are less expensive." Those include the Ferrero Collection Fine Assorted Confections. It costs just 11 dollars and is sold even at drugstores. Erin Gudeux "These chocolates were flavorful, and they had crispy interior coatings and crunchy nuts that added interesting textures."
"You've got to find the chocolate you like to eat, but you can never go wrong when you find that."

Remember, freshly made chocolates have a short shelf life of only 10 to 14 days - so your Valentine just might need some help finishing the box.
I'm Martha Koloski and that's today's On Your Side.


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