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BBQ Blunders 7/3/11

  Your grill's sizzling with food. It's the absolute worst time to run out of gas!     "You have people over. You want everything to go smoothly."   "You don't know what to do at that point. I mean, do you, turn the oven on, I guess?"   Consumer Reports says there's help! Testers checked out a number of products designed to prevent this barbecue blunder.  Steve Bova, "The translucent tank is a pretty new design that we just tested, and you can see it allows you to see the propane that's still in there. And if you have trouble seeing, you can highlight the back of it and see the liquid pretty clearly."  But these tanks can be pricey. This one costs 90 dollars. And Consumer Reports found it didn't fit in some grills. Another solution - getting a grill with a propane gauge. On this gauge the red marker indicates the tank is full.  But if your grill didn't come with a gauge, you can get an aftermarket one like this. It tells you when it's time to refill.  Another solution - keep a second tank on hand.   "It's a good idea to have a backup tank, especially if you do a lot of grilling. It's an easy thing to do. You can just have a second tank. Always keep it filled. When the other tank runs out, just switch them and you're ready to go."  So there are no more excuses for letting your grill's sizzle … fizzle.      "


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