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Appetizers 12/24/12

Want to be the hostess with the "mostest" without breaking the bank? Look
no further than the supermarket freezer.

Consumer Reports tested 18 frozen appetizers, including tacos and taquitos,
mozzarella sticks, and spinach pies.

Amy Keating
Consumer Reports
"Some were really good. Others would be better left at the grocery store!"
T-G-I Friday's mozzarella sticks often leaked -- leaving a lot of cheese on
the tray!
Of the six cheese sticks tested, only one turned out to be very good. The
Farm Rich Breaded Mozzarella Sticks were big, cheesy, and tasty.
Amy Keating
Consumer Reports
"Our trained tasters thought the other five were mediocre, mindless eating.
And be aware that all mozzarella sticks have a fair amount of fat and
Mexican appetizers can also be high in fat and calories. The lowest rated in
the tests -- these Delimex Chicken Taquitos.
Amy Keating
"The filling reminded the testers of chicken liver."
The best of the frozen appetizers were Greek-inspired spinach pies, or
spanakopita. All six tested tasted very good!
Costco's Cuisine Adventures are top rated with flavorful,
fresh-tasting spinach.
Another good choice: these spinach pies from The Fillo Factory. The crispy
crust surrounds fresh-tasting spinach.
Amy Keating
"Spanakopita are not an easy thing to make at home, so it's good thing to
buy at the store. And they're a bit lower in fat and calories."
And remember, a light snack before a party can help you avoid
overindulging on appetizers

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