Black Friday comes earlier than ever

ONALASKA, Wis. - You know the saying early bird gets the worm? For Black Friday shoppers it's more like early bird gets the electronics.

Alex Shaker, of Hillsboro, was second in line for the Black Friday sale at the Target in Onalaska last year. But this year he hoped for the first spot, so he could ensure he could get the TV and iPod Touch he wanted.

"Some people stopped and were like 'why are you here?' I'm like it's just a tradition to come to it," the Hillsboro man said.


That tradition had him waiting at 10:00 Thanksgiving morning. Yes, he was first in line for the store's first Black Friday opening that actually took place on Thursday, but others took a different approach and stormed to the stores minutes before they opened.

"We drove by a couple minutes earlier and it wasn't as full. Then we came back 15 minutes later and it was totally packed," said Hayley Strand, a Black Friday shopper from La Crosse.

A line that stretched for blocks around target filtered through the store with very few problems.

The initial rush passed. Then followed short lines, and then hardly any lines at all.

"I was in and out in like five minutes," said Taylor Scholze, of Hokah.

That is until the sun came up and a steady stream of shoppers emerged.

For the early birds like Shaker, they got what they wanted, those prized electronics. For the stores, we'll have to wait and see if the earlier hours give them what they want, more shoppers in their doors.

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