Michael Brown

1. Why do you want to be mayor?

I would like to be major in order to apply the skills that I have learned in nearly 30 years of being a small business owner. I believe this real-world experience will aid in solving La Crosse's problems.

2. What experience do you have that makes you qualified to be mayor?

The time I have spent managing myself and others as a small business owner has taught me many technical skills such as maintaining a budget and handling finances. On the other hand, I also developed interpersonal skills to help effectively manage people. Among these are a natural sense of problem solving and active listening.

3. What are your top 3 priorities for the city of La Crosse if elected mayor?

My first priority is working to build stronger living wages by encouraging an attractive business environment to help grow La Crosse's manufacturing job base. Secondly, I would like to develop the old Mobile Oil site. For example, I envision a park along the La Crosse River connecting to Riverside Park.  My final top priority is to work closely with the La Crosse Police Department to fight drug and gang activity.


4. What are your long term goals for the city of La Crosse?

Currently in the city of La Crosse only 47% of property is taxable. As mayor, I would like to increase this percentage to help ease the property tax burden. I'd also like to increase tourism by marketing our convention center and promoting the great natural beauty of the Coulee Region. Additionally, I'd like to create and sustain a more business-friendly environment.

5. The current major and City Council have had disagreements about city issues- what will you do to work with City Council?

As the La Crosse City/Country Tavern League President I have collaborated with our 170 members, many of whom are strong-willed, in order to build consensus for a safer La Crosse. I will continue this management style as mayor of La Crosse.

6. How will you balance the city budget?

I will cut waste, stop duplications of services, and build the property tax base.

7. Are you in favor of raising property taxes?

No. As referenced in my previous responses, I believe that increasing the tax base instead of raising taxes is a fairer and more efficient means by which to achieve the same result of increased tax revenue.

8.  How long have you lived in La Crosse?

I have lived in La Crosse for 48 years and currently reside in my childhood home in La Crosse's north side.

9. What do you like most and least about living in La Crosse?

Living my entire life in La Crosse I have grown to appreciate the natural beauty of the Coulee Region.  The changing seasons offer many opportunities for recreation and sport my favorite being fishing. I feel fortunate to live in a city full of friendly neighbors where it is possible to feel a true sense of community.

My least favorite part of living in La Crosse is the high tax rate.

10. Tell us about your family.

I am the second youngest of nine and continue to be close to my extended family. My girlfriend Jean and I love spending time with her two grandchildren Brookie, 3 and Ellie, 2.               

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