La Crosse residents hoping to save their neighborhood pool are making another pitch for public support.

The Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association made a public presentation at City Hall Tuesday night, detailing the initial findings of a study on Memorial Pool they helped fund.

The group says the research from their consultant shows the pool could be renovated and re-opened for $2.5 million, which is about $2 million less than what a different consultant previously told the city.

Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association Co-Chair Jacob Sciammas hopes the new information persuades the city to include Memorial Pool in next year's Capital Improvement Budget.

"We've really seen this as a way of complimenting what they offered earlier in the year when they closed the pool with the technical assessment," said Sciammas. "We wanted to keep information coming in, progress being made, and help them inform them in a way that when they had to make a decision, they had all the information in front of them."

The Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association still needs to raise about $1000 in donations to finish their study on which improvements should be recommended for the pool. Right now, plans to improve Memorial Pool are in the city's plans for the next budget, but no funding has been determined.