The new owner of an apartment in France ended up getting more than he bargained for.

After purchasing an apartment site unseen at an auction, the owner entered it for the first time and discovered the body of the previous tenant hanging by a bed sheet. He had died from an apparent suicide.

According to France's The Local, police identified the body as Thomas Ngin, a Cambodian security guard. He was let go from his job, had no ties with his family and therefore nobody reported him missing since his death, eight years earlier.

As the years passed and Ngin's bills and letters began to pile up, neighbors continued to knock on his door periodically. They assumed his lack of response meant that he moved or left the country to go home to Cambodia. Eventually, the resident's association decided to sell the property. But with debts mounting against Ngin, it was instead seized by his bank and sold at auction. Shortly after the new owner came to clean out the apartment, Ngin's body was discovered.

A police source told a TF1, local French television station, that Ngin suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and that his extreme cleanliness and heavy use of cleaning products might explain why neighbors weren't bothered by any odor coming from his home.