A Kentucky man is drawing international attention for his decidedly "raw" diet.

Derek Nance claims he's eaten nothing but raw meat for the past five years, and only from animals he's slaughtered himself.

The 30-year-old told The Huffington Post he adopted the strictly carnivorous diet after battling an ongoing digestive issue that made him drop weight from constant vomiting.

After attempting to go grain-free, trying a Mediterranean diet and then going Paleo without results, he went all-in for raw meat only.

"I've physically gotten stronger and more physically robust," Nance told The Huffington Post.

He consumes the entire carcass of animals he kills, fat and innards included, and while he prefers lamb, he'll eat just about any form of meat.

Even rotting meat is OK because Nance believes it has probiotic qualities, according to Vice.com.

So would he ever go back to a more conventional diet?

"If they haul me away, kicking and screaming," Nance told Vice. "Then maybe."