One of two men involved in a failed robbery was charged Thursday with attempted first degree intentional homicide.

Sir Abraham Gallegos, 20, entered a home on the 800 block of King Street last September with Paul Thomas Jr. and demanded money from one of the residents.

Gallegos and Thomas allegedly tased and punched one of the residents before another woke up and joined in the fight.

According to the complaint one of the robbers fired a gun and pistol whipped one of the residents resulting in the need for ten stitches.

Gallegos and Thomas ran from the home dropping a phone and the magazine from the gun.

Investigators recognized the name on the phone "LILPAUL BEFLEXIN THOMAS" as the name from the Facebook page of Paul Thomas Jr. and later confirmed his identity.

Gallegos stated he did not have the gun and doesn't remember Thomas having one either, but has seen him with one before.

A neighbor stated she had a party that evening and that Gallegos and Thomas were there.

Gallegos told police "things got out of hand" and that he regrets what happened. He stated he entered the apartment with the intention of fighting somebody, but was not trying to rob anyone.